Episode 154

Cosmic Bottles


March 1st, 2021

1 hr 13 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

The guys get a chance to sit down in person at Cosmic Bottles. They discuss the haps of the shop, when Brogan is planning to open, and Scott’s adventures in Seattle.

02:53 – Brogan talks about his gathering friends for a Cosmic Bottles Put Together Party, the length of time it takes to setup a beer store, and when the location will be ready to go. He shares the cool things that he’s learned during the building process, Justin talks about the restaurant that is going in place of the old Hooters in Tacoma, and gives a shout out to Dine Pierce County.

18:15 – Brogan talks about the hassle tied to doing the change of occupancy that was required for his business, the blood pressure medicines he’s on, and when he’s planning to open shop. He explains what a beer infuser is, what he plans to do for St Patrick’s Day, and talks about the beers they’re enjoying. They brainstorm on the idea of becoming beer hunters, the importance of having a stray dog on the show, and Scott talks about the Homeless Hunter.

36:22 – Brogan and Scott reflect on their camping trip this past summer, Scott recommends that they all attend a Mexican Rodeo, and Brogan explains what a gringo plate is. Scott reflects on picking pine nuts as a kid, swapping beer for pine nuts, and Brogan talks about other businesses he’s discovered near his shop. He talks about how quickly Covington is growing and Justin expresses his excitement for when the place opens.

56:56 – Brogan explains the different kegs sizes, Scott talks about bus adventures in Seattle, and Justin shares where people can find out more about Cosmic Bottles. They discuss what they’re going to be doing with GCP’s new domain name, plans for future guests, and joke currencies that are out there. Brogan closes out the show discussing the fart treaty at his house.

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