Episode 182

Saturday Night Grit


August 30th, 2021

1 hr 24 mins 57 secs

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00:01 – Scott talks about Puyallup trending on Twitter recently, they talk about the new listeners they acquired from their visit to Spokane, and Jeff shares his love of posting pictures on Discord. Scott talks about tapping out of Facebook, Justin talks about getting people to join Safe Street meetings post covid and kicks off Jeffs Capades. Justin talks about the recent fires in Puyallup, Scott talks about the recent apartment fire in Tukwila, and Justin talks about his urge to go check the fire in Puyallup out.

22:15 – Justin goes through the different Tacompton File Bingo cards options, jumps into Scott topics, and Scott shares his love of public transportation. Robo Brogan sneaks in with his hit song, Jeff talks about his recent trip to Oregon, and the wineries along the way. He talks about delicious food in the Pearl district of Portland, his visit to the Aeronautical Museum, and he talks about GCP’s upcoming coloring contest.

43:18 – Scott shares what the app Gimp does, Jeff gives props to their amazing Instagram followers, and Justin jumps into “Is It Tacoma”. He covers the shout-outs from the listeners on Discord, they share what drinks they’re enjoying, and Justin expresses his excitement for pumpkin season being right around the corner. He talks about the type of people that hit up Safeway at 4 PM on Saturdays, they talk about things that were happening in Tacoma the weekend of the recording, and Jeff talks about the energy young adults have when releasing their new swag online.

65:45 – Jeff talks about the marijuana party packs, they welcome the Discord listeners to join them in Is It Tacoma, and Justin reads off the articles. They go through each article, covering the contestants’ questions, they give their guesses, and Justin announces the winner. They discuss further the root cause of the incident in the Tacoma article, Justin shares where the other articles are from, and Scott closes out the show talking about the crazy things that he sees in Seattle on early mornings.

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