Episode 183

Saint Hussy


September 6th, 2021

1 hr 25 mins 31 secs

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Will Sowder from the band Saint Hussy joins the guys for this episode. Saint Hussy is a local experimental rock band from Tacoma. The band recently put together a scholarship fund for non-privileged kids to attend the School of Rock in Seattle, tuition-Free. Every $300.00 in album sales equals one kid attending the School of Rock. Saint Hussy will be playing live next month at the Central Saloon Friday, October 1st. For more information about the band and upcoming events, visit their website: https://sainthussy.com/.

00:15 – Jeff talks about spreading the word of Brogan, Will shares how the band was formed and what their band supports. He talks about what it's like to be part of the Tacoma music scene, the music art radio collective they started, Grit City Radio, and how they spent quarantine. They talk about the importance of being able to pivot, Brogan gives his thoughts on beer, and Justin talks about his and Brogans favorite beer in their youth. Will talks about what lead to them putting out the benefit record and their scholarship fund.

21:19 – Will talks about how he connected with The Bitter, Justin gives Will props to their branding, and Will talks about the reactions he gets from the band's image. Jeff talks about his favorite songs from the album, Will talks about where the song's name “Taking Acid with The Smiths” came from, and his intention behind switching up the band's songs. He talks about the band's upcoming event in October, how he ended up meeting with the other band members, and the recording of their first song.

42:41 – Will talks about connecting with the Oasis Center award their first scholarship, the need for more diversity of bands in Tacoma, and Justin talks about the summer camp in Tacoma, Living Out Loud. Will talks about making a series of scholarships, Justin shares his love of steampunk, and Scott talks about his connection with Andrew at The Mountain House. Will talks about opening for a band from Nashville at The Plaid Pigs, the importance of having relationships with other bands in the area, and Justin talks about the Open Mic in Chick-fil-A in Nashville.

64:45 – Will encourages Brogan to reach out to Cap City Promotions to schedule bands at his bar, Justin jumps into Coaster Questions, and they talk about why each limits their weed smoking or whiskey drinking. They talk about getting sponsorship from Metamucil, Will talks about his love of The Stadium School, and Justin talks about the haunting at The Union Club. Will talks about the haunting vibe where he lives, each share what they would do if they had $5,000, and Justin closes out reflecting on their trip to Spokane.

Thanks Will for joining the guys to talk about the amazing things Saint Hussy is doing in the community!

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