Episode 193

Saturday Night Grit - Leavenworth Recap


November 8th, 2021

1 hr 19 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

On this Saturday Night Grit, they talk about Justin and Brogans recent trip, news in the area, flying cars, and much, much more.

00:00 – Jeff kicks off the show talking about the slowest geriatric drug deal ever, they welcome November, and Justin congrats Rusty on getting engaged. They talk about making lightsabers, discuss if GCP should have a TikToc, and Justin talks about his and Brogans recent trip to Leavenworth. He talks about the amazing weather during the stay, he and Brogan talk about places they enjoyed wine and cider at while there, as well as restaurants they tried. Brogan talks about taking over the hot tub and Justin talks about the amazing jets that the hot tub had.

20:31 – Justin talks about the birthday party they attended while there, Brogan blacking out at the pizza place, and Brogan talks about dubstep. They make plans for their upcoming recordings, reflect on past Brass Kraken parties, and Justin congratulates Tacompton Files. Justin talks about friend of the podcast, Steve Dunkleburger, being on Dead Files, they jump into the Jeffscapades, and they talk about trying to keep GCP real.

39:51 – Jeff talks about the recent robbery at his neighbor’s house, Scott talks about the recent power outage in Puyallup, and riding the train during the outage. He talks about how thieves obtain copper from poles, the news on what Africa is doing with the Cadillac converters, and Jeff talks about how new flying car racing is here. They plan for a giveaway for Patrons to win a ride in a flying car, the grid system that would need to be put into place with flying cars, and Scott and Justin reflect on puking on carnival rides back in the day.

59:02 – Justin shares the headlines for Is It Tacoma, Scott gives his guess, and Jeff gives his as well. They further discuss the stories, Brogan gives his guess, and Justin announces the winner. Jeff plans starting a cross-country podcast with his mom, Justin reveals where the stories are from, and they discuss mental illness being a major problem today. Justin and Scott talk about how they enjoyed Spokane, Justin talks about the legit comedy acts that are put on there, and they plan for an upcoming GCP con.

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