Episode 192

Skye Warden - Abney Park - Live it OutLoud


November 1st, 2021

1 hr 28 mins 4 secs

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Skye Warden, the guitarist from Abney Park, joins the podcast to talk about the band and the Live OutLoud program. Abney Park is a steampunk band based in Seattle. They were responsible for initiating the steampunk musical subculture, transforming steampunk from a little-known literary genre to a popular movement, and inspiring many later steampunk bands, writers, and artisans. Live It OutLoud is an 8-week summer music program for aspiring (12 to 18-year-old), non-professional musicians (haven't signed with a major label yet!), produced by Ted Brown Music Outreach and sponsored by Ted Brown Music.

01:51 – Justin talks about watching Friday on VHI, his and Brogans plan to visit Leavenworth, and Jeff reflects on pictures he took at a past NorwesCon. Justin throws around new Patreon ideas, they talk about participating in The Great Shakeout, and Tacoma being buried in water. Justin welcomes Skye, Skye talks about how he good hooked up with the other band members, and when he got started with goth-industrial style music. He talks about getting to play with his partner, Justin talks about the goth-industrial clubs in Seattle, and Skye discusses the other goth-industrial bands in the PNW.

22:10 – Justin throws around ideas to have a Grit City Music Fest, talks about the different areas they could get together at, and Justin talks about what The Church Cantina has been up to. Skye talks about how heavy Lime scooters are, Justin shares a story of a guy raging about scooters in Seattle, and Skye talks about being a mentor in the Live It OutLoud program. He talks about taking over the program, explains what the program offers, and what the band has been up to post Covid-19.

43:47 – Jeff talks about taking his wife to Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time, Justin congrats Blue Mouse Theater on their 20th anniversary, and Scott shares the worst movie trailer he's seen so far on YouTube. They plan for their next GCP sleepover, plan to produce a movie with friends of the podcast, and discuss how they'll include patriots in the film. Skye talks about the most memorable themed events he's been a part of, doing Wast Landers Ball, and the unique person that put Wasteland Weekend together.

66:48 – Skye talks about the streaming shows they put on during the pandemic, the most steampunk version of the studio, and they make future hang-out plans. He talks about the new album that has come out, Roberts's process for music production, and Robert's different recording styles. He talks about putting the Beaten Battered and Abused video together, the release of the Live It OutLoud recent videos, and the unexpected benefits of putting on the program.

Thanks, Skye for sitting down with the guys to talk about the band and the great things Live It OutLoud does in the community!

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