Episode 194

Anthony Remick - Puget Sound Mobile Glassblowing


November 15th, 2021

1 hr 5 mins 11 secs

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Anthony Remick, the owner of Puget Sound Mobile Glassblowing, joins the podcast. Through his business, Anthony aims to share his love of glassblowing with everyone, making it as easy and accessible to the public as he can. Anthony feels everyone should be able to experience creating with glass. He offers the service to multiple venues, including special events, lessons, weddings, team-building events, etc. Those interested can find out more on his website: https://pugetsoundmobileglassblowing.com

00:15 – They kick off the podcast talking about the show recorded in Tacoma, Haters Back Off, Anthony shares how he got started in glass blowing, and the moment he knew glass blowing was what he wanted to do for a living. He talks about starting with Hilltop Artists, interning in Seattle, and his first glass blowing experience. He talks about people being intimidated when first getting into it, the importance of having a good teacher, and teaching a child as young as three how to do the art. He talks about the importance of letting his students use the glassblowing tools, helping other kids make the art a career, and the people that helped him get started.

15:57 – Anthony talks about offering team building sessions, how long he’s been fully mobile, and places he’s been in the area. He talks about the importance of being involved in the community markets, where he did his first event in the area, and Justin talks about how haunted Brandy’s Attic in Tacoma is. Jeff asks another coaster question, proposes that Anthony makes a GCP piece of art to give away, and Anthone shares what his favorite art pieces to do are. Justin talks about peoples love of glass-blown pumpkins, Anthony gives his opinion on them, and explains how he tries to make his art personable.

34:30 – Scott recalls visiting the unique wood kiln in Flagstaff, Anthony shares how he believes everyone is creative, and Jeff talks about how practice makes perfect. Scott talks about Yes Works team buildings, Anthony talks about doing ash art, and the importance of his mom's faith in him and his artistic skills. He talks about the type of math involved in the art, important items that are popular across the year, and his enjoyment of making cats.

47:33 – Anthony talks about the octopus piece he assisted with that went into a casino in Las Vegas, being the only business vehicle driver, and Justin shares where people can find Anthony online. Anthony talks about doing Art on The Ave, people hiring him for special events, and things he had going on pre-covid. Justin reflects on GCP’s last visit to Art on The Ave, Anthony talks about building his followers on Instagram, and Justin talks about podcasting through Discord post covid. Anthony closes out the podcast talking about the re-use of broken glass.

Thanks, Anthony, for joining the podcast to share your story and information about your business!

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