Episode 195

Saturday Night Grit: The Kraken Hangout


November 22nd, 2021

1 hr 54 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

This time, Jeff, Justin, and Scott record a Saturday Night Grit with special friends during the Kraken game. They cover a range of topics from cocktails, real estate, Tacoma, and much, much more!

00:19 – The show kicks off chatting about a North Korean defector in tribute to No Nut November, Justin gives props to Rusty for his recent engagement, and explains to the group the drinking rules of the game. He explains what a Dark N Stormy cocktail is, Rusty talks about the difficulty of buying an engagement ring, and Justin shares his love of Discord. Rusty gives his review of the room they’re recording in, Byron talks about starting up his own business, and what the housing marked is like in the area.

30:14 – Scott talks about his want to do a real estate podcast, Bryon discusses the price of housing levelling off in the area, and they talk about the different websites GCP has purchased for podcast business opportunities. Justin shares his anger at the visiting hockey team scoring a goal, they each give their review of the Kraken drink, and Justin talks about the first drink he tried. Justin talks about what Black (Brass) Opals are, Rusty shares his love of Long Island drinks, and Justin talks about GCP plans to have Jason Alexander back on the show.

62:32 – Justin talks about a special drink for Scott, encourages GCP listeners to reach out to Bryon for all their real estate questions, and Justin declares the official Kraken bar drinks. Rusty talks about his daughter discovering his comedy on YouTube, Derek talks about the awkward sex conversations he had with his mom, and Rusty talks about the ease of raising his daughter. Justin talks about going crazy when hitting 18, how Tacoma was back in the ’90s, and Derek talks about the horror stories he heard about Tacoma while growing up in Kent.

88:46 – Scott talks about how he’s feeling, they express the sadness of not enjoying a drink to celebrate the team scoring, and Rusty discusses how hard it is for him to watch reality shows. Derek shares his love of watching ghost shows, Scott announces plans to have a ghost hunter on, and Justin shares plans to have Rusty vs. episodes. They take a shot for the Kraken score, Justin considers jumping into Is It Tacoma, and Scott shares his love of Smart Lights. They wrap up the show with Derek sharing where people can find his past podcast episodes online and where listeners can find Rusty’s business online.

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