Episode 196

GCP Hangout: Black Friday


November 29th, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

This Black Friday, the GCP guys get together and discuss their Thanksgiving, the shooting at the Tacoma Mall, and play a round of Is It Tacoma.

02:14 – Justin talks about the enormous amount of turkey he had leftover from Thanksgiving, Jeff talks about their realtor dropping a pie for them to enjoy, and Justin shares his love of the sweet potato pie. He talks about Thanksgiving being low-key, reads off some of the top responses to the Reddit post What Was Your Thanksgiving Drama this year, and reflects on the first Thanksgiving dinner he had at his house. He talks about smoking the turkeys this year, the recent shootings at the Tacoma Mall, and shares how people can find the GCP Discord link.

15:33 – Brogan joins the show, shares how his Thanksgiving went, and wishes listener Ceezer Happy Birthday. Justin talks about plans for styling his har, Scott gives suggestions on the new style Justin should go with, and Brogan talks about the happs at Cosmic Bottles. They ask if a taco is a hot dog, Justin gives his reviews on a no crust apple pie, and they talk about finding gifs online. Justin reviews updates on the shooting and where listeners can also get live updates on what’s going on in the area.

32:07 – Jeff talks about the homeless people in Seattle howling at the full moon, Scott talks about his company offering the ability for employees to get escorted by security to their car, and Justin talks about Little Radio opening back up. They talk about various businesses closing in the area due to Covid, Justin kicks off Is It Tacoma, and reads off the first article. He talks about the past floodings in downtown Tacoma, announces the stabbing of someone at the Safeway in the area, and the guys each guess which article is from Tacoma.

46:28 – Justin reveals which of the articles is from Tacoma, talks about his new squirrel friend, and bonding with it recently. He talks about understanding the risks of doing so, the squirrel bringing more friends, and the little sanctuary he has at his house. He reflects on his past cat catching a bird and bringing it to him, Eric gives a shout-out to Elegant Octopus Games, and they give special thanks to the new Patrons.

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