Episode 198

Saturday Night Grit - Hawkeye


December 13th, 2021

49 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, they share opinions of the Hawkeye show, the upcoming 200th episode, and the haps at Cosmic Bottles.

00:00 – Scott kicks off the podcast taking about Jack’s BBQ in SODO, they talk about realistic looking robots, and each share what they’ve been up to. Brogan talks about the company’s holiday party, Justin talks about the recent buy out of the Lobster Shop in Tacoma, and buffets being back since Covid. Scott talks about the sea food he likes to eat, the weird things he finds on YouTube, and Justin talks about being tripped out by robot-dogs.

12:22 – Justin talks about the Matrix demo on the new Xbox, plans for New Years Eve, and their 200th episode coming up soon. They all suggest what they should talk about on the episode, the ordering of new shirts, and Jeff holds down the show talking about his love for guitars while Justin and Scott break to take a drink. Scott talks about picking up local beers at Cosmic Bottles, Justin talks about the recent show he’s been watching, and Scott shares his love for the show Titans.

24:08 – Each share their thought on the Hawkeye show, Brogan shares his viewpoint of the show Wheel Of Time, and they look through old episodes of the podcast. Justin talks about Little Radio coming back to Tacoma, Scott talks about the amazing food truck outside of Cosmic Bottles, and Justin reflects on the Spokane trip. They reflect on when they had Clownvis on, the making of the Brass Opal, and the plan for Black Opals to return.

37:35 – Justin requests that Jeff makes a Black Opal t-shirt, Justin and Scott debate over Hawkeye, and Justin talks about his want to try The Gumball Martini. He talks about his love of Ginger Beer, Brogan talks about the MVP of Hawkeye, and Jeff shares the highlight of the show. They talk about the number of kids Hawkeye had, what else they each have going on, and Justin closes out this episode sharing how listeners can find more information about them online.

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Episode Links

  • Jack's BBQ — At SoDo, SLU and Algona locations, Jack has indoor and outdoor dining with patios, cozy lighting, music, southern hospitality and soul warming BBQ!
  • Lobster Shop — We are pleased to announce that we are open for indoor dining.  
  • Little Radio (Tacoma, WA) — Located in the heart of downtown Tacoma's historic "Whiskey Row", Little Radio brings a nostalgic touch to the restaurant landscape of Pacific and 8th.