Episode 199

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Dive Bar Holiday Special


December 20th, 2021

1 hr 32 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

This time, Jeff, Justin and Scott share holiday songs from awesome local PNW bands, traditions, shout-outs, and their plans for the holidays.

00:00 – Jeff kicks off the podcast talking about his recent premonition, Justin shares where Brogan is at, and kicks off the Holiday wishes. Jeff plays White Trash Christmas from some of the members of Anti-Hero, they talk about the popularity of scrapbooking, and Scott shares his love of the show The Middle. Justin talks about the Hilltop Rats Christmas songs they're sharing, and Jeff plays Father Christmas from the band.

26:21 – Scott gives props to the end of the song, Justin shares his love of the word spectacular, and Scott sends a holiday wish to the fantastic service industry people. Justin talks about family traditions, stockings being his jam at Christmas, and the gifts he gives his cats. Scott explains the meaning behind oranges in the stocking, Justin talks about starting the ornaments tradition last year, and Scott gives additional meanings through the times behind giving oranges during Christmas.

48:07 – They jump into Scott topics, speculate if Mel's Hole is a government coverup, and Jeff plays Deck The Punk Rock Halls by No Buffer. Justin gives a shout-out to The Lobster Shop, the amazing food he enjoyed there, and Jeff talks about running into Scott on the train. Scott talks about his recent bar crawl in Seattle and Puyallup, his enjoyment of BSB and Irish Cream in his coffee, and Jeff talks about his cookie Christmas Tradition.

71:12 – They share their love of the song I Believe In Christmas, Justin talks about switching into the gamer schedule while being on vacation, and what Clownvis has been up to. They play A Very Brent Amaker Christmas, Justin wishes everyone Happy Holidays, and Jeff talks about how he's feeling about this year's Christmas. He gives a shout-out to their Patrons, they discuss what they'll be doing on the 200th episode, and finish out the podcast with another version of White Trash Christmas.

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