Episode 200

Grit City Podcast: The 200th Episode!


December 27th, 2021

1 hr 22 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

GCP hits the 200 mark!!!! On this special episode, the guys discuss the recent snow, virtual meet-ups, how their Christmas went, give shout-outs to GCP supporters, welcome the new year, and much more!

02:05 – Brogan talks about Cosmic Bottles being closed due to snow, Justin takes a step back in time when him and Brogan drove his grandmas Z28, and snow starting this morning. Justin talks about the crazy animal wars in his backyard, Jeff talks about the bone-chilling cold for the day, and Scott talks about the trains still going during snowmageddon. Justin talks about GCP’s holiday special, the responses they got from the bands they played on the last episode, and the video games he’s been playing.

19:39 – They talk about how far off we are from having our own Skyrim type of virtual environment, Jeff talks about web pages that are out there designed already for V.R., and they each talk about their holiday. Scott talks about the benefits of having an adult child, Jeff talks about how his Christmas went, and Brogan talks about his upcoming trip to Disney Land. He shares what he got for Christmas, Scott talks about the guy in downtown Seattle with the open sign, and the importance of having a third place.

41:04 – Brogan talks about crossfading the last night, Justin gives a shout-out to their GCP listeners, and gives special shout-outs to the amazing people that support the podcast through Patreon. He thanks the companies that are friends of GCP, the history behind Union Club, and gives a big shout-out to Diecut Stickers. They talk about the love for Mary Mart, talk about Buddy Boy Farms, and Brogan talks about the different cannabis shops near his business.

62:19 – They play a part of their past episode with Streetball Supe, give thanks to all of their wives in support of Grit City Podcast, and discuss dab rips. Justin gives a couple of additional shout-outs, Scott talks about his excitement to get guests on, and the local scooter place that’s opening in Tacoma. Brogan gives recommendations on having open tabs at strip clubs, they talk about the 43 new breweries that have opened in Washing the past year, and each share what guests so far have been their favorite.

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