Episode 206



February 5th, 2022

1 hr 1 min 32 secs

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Jeff Lanctot from BaseHubs joins the crew this time. Jeff is the CEO of the company BaseHubs. He has 20 years' experience in technology and media and has been CEO of three companies throughout his career. BaseHubs is the place to find a business that supports military families and veterans. The app combines real reviews and recommendations with smart technology, providing military families and Veterans with the ultimate community guide to the South Sound.

02:40 – Justin introduces their guest, Brogan talks about the new patron shirts, and Scott shares where listeners can find other GCP t-shirts. Jeff shares what BaseHubs does, Justin talks about his grandfather being stationed in the PNW, and Jeff talks about the plans to expand the company to other areas of the country. He talks about the downfall of the groups on Facebook and Justin talks about the fights that have broken out on Discord.

16:10 – Jeff talks about how the company got started, how connecting the military community is essential, and the requirements for signing up for the app. He talks about the different cities that have reached out asking about bringing the app to their community, the types of questions BaseHubs ask to filter out a business that applies to advertise, and Brogan discusses how helpful BaseHubs would be for a business like his. Jeff talks about the company's price models, Brogan talks about the complexity behind search engine optimization, and Jeff highlights some of the popular companies on the app.

30:06 – Jeff explains how the military community can recommend businesses to be added to the app, their partnership with companies in the community, and how they are rewarding businesses working with them. He talks about getting started in marketing and technology in the '90s, growing up in a newspaper family in eastern Washington, and appreciating how small communities work. Brogan talks about his favorite restaurant app, the frustration with the app, and Jeff talks about deciding not to have ads within the BaseHubs app.

43:06 – Justin talks about his plans for Valentine's Day dinner, Scott talks about the benefits McDonald's has had with only doing drive-through and take-out, and they talk about the crazy things that happen in downtown Seattle. Justin reflects on their conversation with Streetball Supe, Jeff talks about what got him involved in the veteran community, and the nationwide failures with supporting the mental illnesses in our country.

Thanks Jeff, for stopping by to share with our listeners the benefits BaseHubs brings to local military people and families in our community!

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