Episode 212

Destiny City Comics with ETHAN HD


March 21st, 2022

1 hr 28 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

ETHAN HD rejoins the podcast! Ethan is a pro wrestler, international pro wrestling coach, stand-up comedian, former rapper, entrepreneur, and owner of Destiny City Comics. Destiny City Comics is Tacoma's #1 destination for comic books, graphic novels, and pro-wrestling memorabilia. Follow him on his social media to find out where he will be performing, and check out Destiny City Comics online at: destinycitycomics.com! Ethan last joined the group in 2019 on episode 90.

01:47 – Ethan talks about how he's been, Justin congrats Ethan on winning the WAC belt, Ethan talks about winning the belt and how well Destiny City Comics has been doing. He talks about questioning going back to wrestling, the great people he meets from the community at the shop, and his plans to do joint events with other businesses in the area. Justin shares his love of the Weird Elephant, kicks off coaster questions, and Jeff reflects on his love of wrestling as a kid.

22:09 – Justin talks about the comeback of Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, Ethan discusses why Disney became so much more successful than Looney Tunes, and how John Cena knocked Peace Maker out of the park. Justin compares the difference between DC and Marvel characters, Ethan talks about people coming into the store interested in the b and c comic book characters and Peace Makers background story in the comic book.

44:22 – Jeff talks about how the Batman Return of the Phantasm is a cinematic masterpiece, he asks Ethan another coaster question, and Justin expresses his love of the Y: The Last man comic books. Ethan shares his favorite comic book based TV series, what sold him on the show, and they give props to John Cena's improv in Pease Maker. Ethan gives props to James Gunn for the casting of Guardians of the Galaxy, Justin talks about James's movie Super and how he brilliantly casted the main character.

66:32 – Ethan talks about being on the pulse of discovering artists in the area, his appreciation for the writing style of Kayden Phoenix, and his shift in business due to Covid. Jeff shares how he got his son interested in comic books, Ethan discusses how he is a comic book trade paperback person, and talks about buying comic books he loves for himself then reselling them in his store at a discount. He talks about starting collecting vinyl, the record treasures he finds, and Justin talks about cool records he's found.

Thanks, Ethan, for rejoining the crew to discuss what you've been up to since you were last on!

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