Episode 213

Jeff Goldblum Does Not Appear On This Podcast


March 28th, 2022

1 hr 17 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

Scott and Justin hold down this episode discussing recent guests, Fat Zachs, plans during the Crypticon convention, their upcoming guest Billy from Mary Mart, and more!

01:38 – Scott and Justin talk about where Cosmic Bottles is located, their most recent guests, and Justin talks about Jeff Goldblum’s two jazz albums. They talk about what country he has a statue in, other records Jeff has put out, and Justin talks about the sounds he appreciates in music made in record form. They talk about their favorite times to listen to Jazz, the types of Jazz they enjoy, and going to Party for Polar Bears at Dystopian State Brewing.

19:03 – They talk about things they would add the Fat Zachs pickle pizza, Scott talks about his recent visit to Twin Peaks, and his service there. They talk about the importance of trying a dining location three times before deciding on the final review of the location, Justin talks about the Jeff Goldblum show, and they segue into Crypticon.

38:15 – Scott talks about volunteering at Norwescon, Justin talks about the familiarity with both Norwescon and Crypticon, and they talk about ways to pump up their immune system before hitting up the Crypticon parties. Justin talks about the party suites for Crypticon, his favorite party there, and they talk about potential giveaways during the convention. Justin talks about their current giveaways, other prizes, and patron incentives.

57:48 – Justin talks about turning his guest room into a Rainbow Room, how the idea was born from his love of LED smart lights, and Scott talks about the upcoming event with Billy. He dives into Scott Topics, talks about the new impossible super-thin, stronger-than-steel sheets, and how we phase back in forth in alternative realities. Justin talks about how movies have gently incorporated aliens into our reality, the different places he’s lived in Tacoma, and encourages listeners to let GCP know if they’re going to be at Crypticon.

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