Episode 211

Summit Hypnosis


March 14th, 2022

55 mins 24 secs

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Deane Benninghoven, certified hypnotist and artist, located in Tacoma, checks in with the GCP team with Jasmine and Kellie, that have joined Summit Hypnosis since he last visited the podcast. Summit Hypnosis provides hypnotherapy to help adults and children overcome trauma, abuse, PTSD, reduce stress, anxiety, anger, change emotional patterns, increase self-confidence, focus, and performance in sports, school, and work. For more information, you can find them online at www.summithypnosisnw.com. Deane has also joined the podcast on episodes 79 and 99!

02:11 – Justin talks about Deane’s past chats with GCP, Deane shares what his business does for the community, and where he gets his referrals. He gives an example of working with a patient and what he could unlock for them, talks about the different perspectives people have when they experience difficulties in their lives, and what got him into hypnosis. He talks about how long he’s been in Tacoma, Justin shares where people can find Summit Hypnosis online, and Kelly talks about how she got into hypnosis.

14:02 – Deane talks about the significance behind hypnosis, Kelly talks about the journey from experiencing hypnosis to being a hypnotist, and the changes she has made in the last year. She talks about hypnosis helping people rewire their brains, and Jasmine talks about what brought her to hypnosis. She talks about how she found hypnosis, what she realized through hypnosis, and Deane discusses how the subconscious mind works. He talks about helping a client that couldn’t leave his room, Justin expresses how Deane is helping his clients build a map, and Jamie talks about learning from the people she’s working with.

27:34 – Scott talks about being a fan of NLP, the importance of helping people sort out their thoughts, and Deane talks about the type of hypnosis they offer. He talks about how natural hypnosis is, how he teaches people to do self-hypnosis, and Justin talks about recording at Union Club. Deane talks about the event he has going on on March 26th, giving away free tickets to the event, and Justin talks about the benefits he has found with floating.

40:47 – Deane talks about working with athletes, being in the flow state, and Scott talks about being in the zone when podcasting. Justin talks about Summit Hypnosis offering in-person and virtual sessions, Deane talks about the induction he does with clients' first visits, and walks listeners through hypnosis. Justin and Scott express their appreciation for the hypnosis, Deane talks about how powerful hypnosis is, and Justin shares where listeners can find out more information online about Summit Hypnosis.

Many thanks to Deane, Jasmine, and Kellie for the insightful conversation!

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