Episode 214

Keeping Dispensaries Safe Smoke Out with Billy!


April 4th, 2022

1 hr 53 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

Billy, a friend of the podcast, re-joins the show!! In addition to being a friend of the podcast, Billy represents the local cannabis store, Mary Mart. Mary Mart prides itself in being well-versed in their craft and love offering their expertise and insight regarding marijuana and its many applications. He's also joined the guys for 12 other episodes; find more information on those episodes at: https://www.gritcitypodcast.com/guests/billy

01:53 – Billy expresses how happy he was to re-join the podcast, Scott talks about his love for breakfast restaurants, and Billy shares his ways of testing restaurants. Justin discusses his passion for watching hockey at home and gives a shout-out to Brogan and Cosmic Bottles. He talks about GCP's Patron giveaway, their plans to be at the upcoming Crypticon, Billy talks about the two recent robberies at Mary Mart, and they talk about the recent death of someone attempting to rob a cannabis store in Covington.

28:37 – Billy shares that he's the one that picks out the cannabis accessories for Marry Mart, they reflect on Billy's past GCP visits, and their goals for the this episode. Billy talks about what he brought for the team to try, the benefits of the suppositories on the market, and Jeff talks about his and his wife's first visit to a cannabis store. Billy gives his thoughts on dispensaries having the ability to do banking safely, cannabis lounges coming soon, and they jump into Coaster Questions.

56:03 – Justin talks about how close we are to the Wild West with everything going on, Scott inquires about when the recent crimes may go away, and Jeff asks another coaster question. Billy shares his want for the current limits of purchases to go away, other limitations he'd like the state to remove, and Billy tells listeners how they can reach out to him to ask any questions they may have. Each person checks in before the big smoke out.

84:45 – Justin encourages listeners to post questions in the chat, encourages everyone to get a shag carpet rainbow room, and gives a shout-out to their friend Ken Carlson. He talks about Ken being a part of Reel Life 96, the movies and web series Ken has done, and they dive into Is It Tacoma. Justin talks about avoiding articles that would be easy to guess are from Tacoma, what Is It Tacoma is about, and reveals which article is from Tacoma.

Thanks, Billy for joining the crew again for another fantastic episode! Looking forward to having you on again!

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