Episode 231

Jonny Eberle - Obscure Studios - The Adventures of Captain Radio


July 11th, 2022

52 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

This time, Scott, Justin, and Jeff talk to writer and podcast creator Jonny Eberle. He is the president of Obscure Studios, a small, independent production studio making original films and podcasts on a tiny budget and big dreams since 2004. His most recent podcast is The Adventures of Captain Radio, is available wherever you listen to podcasts.

00:03 – Justin starts the episode talking about Broccoli Guy, Jeff gives his safe word, and Justin introduces Johnny. Johnny talks about the different mediums he works in, serving on the board of Creative Colloquy, and they talk about the outlets they had during quarantine. Johnny talks about the origins of Captain Radio, Justin talks about his appreciation for Captain Radio, and doing the podcast panel at Crypticon.

13:30 – Johnny talks about the complexity behind podcast editing, tricks he's learned along the way, and Scott talks about the editing of the podcast back in the day. They discuss the um's in episodes, the work behind the podcast, and Johnny discusses the number of episodes this season. They talk about the shirt game, and Jeff asks a coaster question.

28:11 – Jeff welcomes listeners back to the peer pressure podcast, Johnny talks about living in a 112-year-old house in Tacoma, and dealing with asbestos. He talks about the artistic inspirations he got from his historic home, the scarry idea behind AI taking over people's jobs, and how he feels about copyrights. Justin talks about the new Winnie The Pooh movie, Jeff talks about people getting recommendations from AI, and Scott talks about computer-generated AI people.

40:50 – Justin talks about the NFT market, they reveal that they've been talking to Lambda this whole time, and Johnny talks about looking into the geek community to share his work. He talks about the different groups he's run into in the area, how he ended up getting involved with Grit City Magazine, and what he has found interesting about Tacoma. He talks about what he loves about Tacoma, Scott talks about his love of the artistic community in Tacoma, and how Tacoma is a renaissance community.

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