Episode 232

Art on the Ave 2022 Recap


July 18th, 2022

1 hr 42 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

Jeff, Justin, and Scott chat about their recent visit to Art on the Ave and the fantastic things they found there.

00:06 – Justin kicks off the podcast with a GCP check-in at The Redd Dog, the new things happening on Discord, and Jeff talks about a friend’s classroom at a local elementary on the east side catching fire. He talks about the amazing work his friend does for the students, the ways people can support her, and Scott shares his recent visit to the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum in Tacoma. He talks about also visiting the W. W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory, Justin brings up the wildfire in California, and the Lincoln District Food Walk.

25:38 – They reflect on the last time they visited Art on the Ave, their chauffeur service during this year's Art on the Ave event, and give props to Scott for his fantastic parenting skills. They talk about the different food trucks there, Justin plays a snippet of a band they saw there, and reflects on their visit to Mary Mart. They talk about their favorite Buddy Boy Farms items, Justin talks about their visit to the Hippie House, and the adorable dog there.

50:08 – Justin talks about how purchasing drinks at The Redd Dog work, Scott talks about the different types of beer he tried there, and the hard mango kombucha he had. They talk about the process for ordering food there, their visit to The Triple Knock, and Justin talks about turning into Tommy the Pinball Wizard while there. He makes plans to host a pinball VR championship, gives a shout-out to Katy White Art, and his new addition to the rainbow room.

76:33 – Justin suggests Tacompton Files adds a bingo card for the crowbar, seeing Freddy Krueger there, and gives a shout-out to Shakabrah Java. Jeff shares his love of the businesses on 6th Ave, the Sonic Guy mural there, and he and Scott give their reviews of Justin's Fireball-soaked smoked pineapple. Justin discusses plans to host a GCP Bar Olympics, ax throwing in Tacoma, and closes out this episode sharing how people can find more information on GCP online.

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