Episode 248

GCP: Grit City Comic Show 2022


November 2nd, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

The time has arrived, and on this episode, the team is live at the Grit City Comic Show!! They shared a table with friend of the podcast Ken and had a chance to check in with other artists and vendors at the show.

00:10 – Justin kicks off the episode sharing his excitement for the characters at the event, Jeff reveals the days safe word, and Justin talks about the merch they have there for sale. He talks about seeing a kid dressed in a Freddy Krueger costume, they share their memories of the movie, and Justin talks about his favorite TV movie edits. He talks to Justin Hunt, the artist shares what got him into making comic art, and other events he does in the PNW.

15:23 – Jeff shares a weird gift he got as a kid, Justin shares the most peculiar gift he’s ever received, and Ken talks about his. Justin talks with Bruce Smith, creator of the game Halloween Town, his favorite part of the game, and Bruce explains the rules and objectives of it. He discusses the different teams he’s made, how he goes about putting the miniatures together, and the fabulous turnout they’ve had at the show.

30:01 - David talks about being the chief librarian for the non-profit Alexandria RPG Library, how much the library has grown since it opened in 2017, and being sponsored by Renegade Game Studios to attend GinCon. He talks about the podcast they run, the importance of having a business manager, and reflects on when he and Justin hung out at the same store playing Magic back in the 90s.

45:51 – RJ from SEALUG talks about there being no limit for building things with LEGOS, gives his thoughts on the LEGO Masters TV show, and discusses the recent PNW LEGO convention. He shares how it is an adult club, the other events they attend, and other opportunities for community engagement. Justin talks with author Carrie Avery Moriarty, Carrie shares one of her son’s favorite strange food combinations, and what it’s been like for her to attend conventions like the comic show.

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Episode Links

  • Art of Justin Hunt (@artofjustinhunt) • Instagram — Comic book cover artist (Coffin Comics, Codex Entertainment, Big Dog Ink, Marvel, Sourcepoint Comics, Mountaineer West, Counterpoint Comics, and more)
  • Awesome Fans of Justin Hunt Art | Facebook — A place where we can celebrate the wonderful and versatile art of Justin Hunt.
  • AlexandriaRPG.com — We are a nonprofit charity based in Washington State.  We travel with a lending library to events to share role-playing games with others. 
  • Renegade Games Studios
  • Seattle Area LEGO Users Group — The Seattle Area LEGO® Users Group (SEALUG) is an association bringing together Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOLs) within a supportive community committed to creativity and cooperation. 
  • Welcome to PSLTC.org — We are an invitation-only association of adult Lego fans who exhibit our unique train-themed Lego layouts in the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound area, mostly at traditional model railroad shows.
  • Citron European Bistro | Tacoma WA | Facebook
  • Carrie Avery Moriarty — Carrie Avery Moriarty was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, where she still lives with the love of her life. She raised two wonderful, if not slightly warped, children who both live close to home. When she’s not yelling at her hometown sports team on the television, she’s cheering them on from the stands. She loves nature and spending time enjoying it with her family. And you don’t want to attempt to beat her in any board game, they are meant to be played to the death.
  • Grit City Comic Show - Tacoma, WA Comic Book Convention — An Old School Style Comic Book Convention at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center
  • KenzoFKC – I make stuff. — I’m Ken. I’m a dork who likes to make stuff. When not preserving the historic structures of Washington State’s Capitol Campus I make movies, write novels, draw comic books, play guitar, build things with my hands, play D&D, drink booze and contemplate the futility of existence. From the ether of my imagination to the digital or physical world, come take a peek inside my head!