Episode 254

GCP: Puget Sound Plungers - Renate Rain


December 14th, 2022

1 hr 9 mins 50 secs

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Renate Rain, the founder of Puget Sound Plungers, sits down with the guys to discuss creating the group Puget Sound Plungers and her local business. She found cold exposure in September of 2021 and was immediately hooked. Since then, the Puget Sound Plungers group has expanded to around 1,800 members and continues to grow. She also owns the local business Cold Confidence, where she hosts ice bath workshops. In addition, she is certified as a Morozko Method Deliberate Cold Exposure (DCE) Guide and is adding Sherpa Breath and Cold Coaching in December of 2022.

00:11 – Scott shows off the new cup he got as a gift, Jeff shares the word of the day, and Justin talks about the history of The Union Club. Renate talks about founding the group, where they hold the daily plunges, and how she got started doing cold plunges regularly. She talks about what got her started with cold plunges, the number of people who are part of the group, and the incredible community involved.

17:17 – Renate talks about starting her business, the importance of getting cold exposure daily, and shares the significant benefits of cold exposure. She explains how it has helped with bringing her out of depression, talks about helping her friend through the emotions of losing her partner through this method, and Justin talks about the different types of guests they’ve had on GCP. He talks about the roller coaster of the last five years since they’ve re-started recording, and Renate explains the additional benefits of cold exposure.

34:20 – Renate shares the process of doing the plunge, how she helps keep plungers calm during the event, and the incredible experience of seeing people go through the dopamine hit after the first minute in the water. She talks about how amazing it is to see returning plungers help out new ones, the amount of time people typically spend in the water, and the local artists that have done the plunge.

51:44 – Renate talks about starting her business, the business snowballing after she opened, and the people that have walked into her life since it opened. She talks about the workshops she offers, plans to add a fire and ice sauna service, and the fantastic help she is getting for both the plunge and the business. They talk about the benefits plunging has for athletes, Scott talks about how Streetbeefs Scrapyard got started, and the vast community behind it.

Many thanks to Renate for hanging out with the guys, we look forward to doing the New Year’s plunge with you!!

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