Episode 255

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Discord Inferno


December 21st, 2022

1 hr 12 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, Jeff, Justin and Scott discuss New Years and other holiday plans, their recent gaming get-together, bringing back Is It Tacoma, and the Citizen App.

01:24 – Robo Brogan helps kick off the podcast, Justin shares the new Listen Live option for listeners on Discord, and discuss if they're going to plunge on New Year's Day. Justin talks about their plans for the New Year's Casserole party, gives a shout-out to Narrows Cannabis, and Jeff shares a recent cannabis strain he's enjoying. Justin talks about their recent gaming event, jumps into Jeff’s Capades, and Jeff talks about finding a way for the guys to make their arcade sticks.

19:32 – They talk about setting up gaming tournaments at local bars, Justin talks about Jeff's competitive behavior when playing games, and Justin reflects on their summer trip to Spokane. They discuss how they feel about Christmas, Justin talks about his plans to smoke a turkey for holiday dinner, and Jeff talks about how he and his wife are spending Christmas.

36:38 – Justin talks about getting Ken's fourth edition of Hell Bound Slant Six, kicks off Is It Tacoma, and Scott invites one of the listeners, Scotty, to join in the fun. Justin reads each of the headlines, Scott, Jeff, and Scotty guess what news article is out of Tacoma, and Justin reveals which article is in fact from the area.

54:11 – Justin reveals what city the third article was based out of, Jeff references the sister's bite as the "White Claw Bitey", and Scotty gives the crew an update on the article. Justin encourages users to submit Is It Tacoma articles, reflects on his year's gaming at Nibbles and Bites in Tacoma, and gives a Shout Out to Tacompton Files.

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