Episode 256

GCP: Tacompton On Ice


December 28th, 2022

1 hr 16 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Friend of the podcast Brandon from Tacompton Files joins the conversation on this episode. They talk about the crazy weather, New Year’s plans, firewood, ninjas, Coaster Questions, and gingerbread houses.

00:23 – Justin reflects on Brogan bricking his machine from torrent downloads in the early 2000s, Brandon from Tacompton files joins the conversation, and Scott talks about enjoying Pickle Backs before recording. Justin shares the drink he’s enjoying, encourages everyone to get a bidet, and Brandon talks about experiencing glitches with his group on Facebook. He discusses alternatives outlet for his group, and Justin talks about a recent event he shared on Tacompton Files Discord.

19:14 – Justin talks about plans for the New Years' party at his house, invites Brandon to join the party, and how it has turned into a casserole party. He talks about how the casserole idea came about, the recent juvenile event at the home bar, and the types of casseroles that will be at the party to enjoy. Justin shares what Funeral Casseroles are, Scott talks about the perks of a Mormon funeral, and Justin shares plans to order pizza from Chi-Town Pizza for the party.

39:41 – Justin discusses recently canceled SeaTac flights due to the predicted weather, Scott shares his love of having a wood fireplace, and Brandon talks about other countries making junk mail into paper briquettes. Scott and Brandon talk about people making their own insta-logs, Brandon talks about the different outdoor people he follows, and Jeff reflects on the ninja magazines back in the 80’s.

58:43 – One of the listeners inquires about gingerbread houses the guys may have made in the past, Justin talks about the most recent gingerbread house he and Michelle made, and winning first prize. He talks about being gracious in their winnings, why he likes hosting parties at his house, and brings back log chat to close out the episode.

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