Episode 257

GCP: Friday Night Hangout - Goodbye 2022! ~ Tacoma Light Trail


January 4th, 2023

1 hr 34 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

On this special episode, Justin first converses with Cheryl Rux, local artist and art coordinator from the Tacoma Light Trail. The Tacoma Light Trail is a free walkable/driveable trail of light art in downtown Tacoma. Their mission is to use light art to bring light to dark times, to lift up diverse voices and bring the community together through things we all share – truth, hope, justice, peace – symbolized by light. They have events going from Dec. 31st – Jan. 19th. For more information, visit their website: https://www.tacomalighttrail.org/

During the second part of the podcast, the guys chat about New Year's Eve plans, Scott Topics, Is It Tacoma, and their plans for 2023.

00:00 – The group starts the podcast by discussing their New Year resolutions, Justin talks to Cheryl Rux, and Cheryl talks about how Light Art Tacoma came to be. She talks about the benefits of light art, the live events happening this week, and what they’re planning for next year. She talks about the candle-lit maze, Justin talks about being a part of one of the performances, and the astonishing Lelavision performance.

22:45 – Justin gives a shout-out to local libraries, Cheryl talks about the regrowth of venues in the community post-Covid, and Justin talks about the casserole feast happening on New Year's Eve. He talks about people being able to listen to them live, Jeff’s recent technology issues, and chats about the upcoming Puget Sound Plunge on Jan 1st. Derek joins the conversation, Justin talks about recent events in his area, and Scott shares his appreciation for the podcast.

47:33 – Justin talks about the pizza he’s going to be ordering for the New Years' celebration, poses the question on if they need a drink of the night, and the group discusses their favorite drinking games. Justin reflects on a time he and Brogan played drunk Monolopy at a past Norwescon, Derek talks about when he stopped playing drinking games, and Justin shares his one 2023 resolution.

72:30 – The group discusses the article Scott shared for the Scott Topics, Justin poses questions on the guy that dresses as a dog, and dives into their favorite game, Is It Tacoma. He reads off each of the headlines, each of the guys guesses which article they think is actually from Tacoma, and Justin reveals which one is the luck winner. They talk about the recent snow that hit Buffalo, New York, discuss plans for 2023, and Justin gives a shout-out to people who were listening live.

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