Episode 258

GCP: It's A New Year!


January 11th, 2023

1 hr 9 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, the guys talk about their New Years' Eve Party, Polar Plunge, movies and shows they're enjoying, gaming, and Wheel of Fortune.

01:26 – Jeff gives the podcast word of the day, Robo Brogan visits the podcast, and Justin welcomes Jeff and Scott to the New Year. He chats about their New Years' Eve casserole party, the shots they shared at the party, and the games they played that night. Jeff talks about the making of the casserole, they express how awesome the deep-dish pizza they enjoyed was, Justin poses the question on offering leftover casseroles to neighbors, and mentions that The Tacoma Light Trail is still going on through mid-Jan. He talks about enjoying casserole leftovers, Justin shares the latest work from past GCP guest Mark Monlux, and Justin talks about doing the early morning New Year's Day Polar Plunge with 130 other people that day.

20:06 – Justin talks about the water experience, how the first two minutes of the experience was the hardest, and what getting out of the water felt like. He talks about how it helped energize him for the week, the importance of having a word of intention, and Jeff shares his movie reviews. He talks about what he liked about the movie Halloween Kills, how well the writers balanced the story, and they reflect on the long, awkward scene from a movie they all enjoyed together at the theater. They question if Mike Meyers can actually be killed in a movie, Jeff recommends they watch Harley Quinn Birds of Prey, and Scott talks about the new show on Netflix, Kaleidoscope.

35:11 – Justin talks about finishing the second season of White Lotus, GCP showing up on Reddit, and businesses closing in the area, including Hello Cupcake. They talk about the egg shortage, other restaurants closing in the area, and the importance of networking and supporting local businesses. Justin talks about the most recent library book he's been reading, Scott talks about his frequent past visits to the library, and reflects on participating in Read-A-Thons as a kid.

52:03 – Justin talks about always being a computer nerd, his first orientation of wrestling class, and Scott talks about sports he did back in the day. Jeff reflects on being a big reader as a kid as well, they share their stories of playing baseball as a kid and question if there is ever a stand in spinner for Wheel of Fortune. Scott ponders on if the game is gambling, if they discriminate against people with no arms, and Justin talks about having the home version of Wheel of Fortune, and Scott suggests new show concepts. Friend Erik shares that people can have a designated fill-in on Wheel of Fortune, and Justin closes out the show talking about their other friends setting in on the live recording.

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