Episode 259

GCP: Visualize Tattoo - Frank Porcelli


January 18th, 2023

1 hr 10 mins 37 secs

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Frank Porcelli from Visualize Tattoo sits down with the GCP crew on this episode. Visualize Tattoo is located in Tacoma, and its artists, including Frank, are dedicated to respecting tattoo tradition and strive to create tattoo art that stands the test of time. Frank’s foundation is traditional tattooing, although he is well-versed in many styles and is masterful when designing custom lettering. You can find more information about his work and view the other artists’ work and the shop’s hours at their website: visualizetattoo.com. He also plays in the local Tacoma band, The Greezies.

01:11 – Jeff shares the word of the day, Justin discusses them recording back and the Union Club, and updates at the building since they were there last. He welcomes Frank, Frank explains his vision of the shop, and talks about the real old-school size of flash designs. He talks about the amount of time they put into the design of the location, how long they’ve been there, and Justin brings up the therapeutic aspect of getting tattoos. Frank speaks to the vast number of military people that come in for tattoos, his old-school tattoo style focus, and what drew him into that style.

19:21 – Justin talks about the stigma of tattoos fading out in the 90’s, Frank talks about his first tattoo, and what lead him to become a tattoo artist. He talks about the first tattoo shop he got involved with, learning the mechanics behind tattoo machines, and the importance of doing so. Justin shares a crazy story of what someone did to win Seahawk tickets, Scott complements some of the great tattoos that come out of prison, and Justin talks about the importance of researching a local tattoo shop before going in and getting one.

31:58 – Frank talks about what got him started in playing music, the amount of work that goes behind putting music out, and the type of music that inspires him. He talks about the style of music they mainly focus on, how his music intertwines with his tattoo art, and Scott talks about the places around Tacoma that will fix musical equipment. Jeff talks about a local media company trying to save all analyog music to digital, Justin talks about still having a VCR, and questions how we save recorded history released in the past 70 years. He expresses his love of vinyl, the hurdles that come with enjoying vinyl, and Frank talks about his upcoming concert at the Airport Tavern in Tacoma. Justin talks about other things happening in that area, and Frank talks about how he loves playing that venue.

50:48 – Justin talks about the cross-section between the tattoo community and the music scene, Frank talks about the types of merch they sell at the show, and Justin dives into Coaster Questions. They talk about the UV tattoos fad, Justin shares how he first learned about that style of tattooing, and Frank discusses the different tattoo fads that have come up over the years. Justin talks about the different types of tattoos Brogan has, Frank talks about the best flame tattoo he’s done, and what people can expect when they stop in for a tattoo. Finally, he talks about the importance of helping people be ok with not knowing what they want to get, and they close out the show playing one of The Greezies songs.

Thanks Frank, for reaching out and sitting down with the guys for a great look into your world!

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