Episode 260

GCP: Friday Night Hangout!


January 25th, 2023

1 hr 8 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

Brogan and Derek sit in on this week's podcast. They talk Monkeyshines, Cosmic Bottles kitchen enhancements, dessert soups, White Lotus, Is It Tacoma, and 2023 Crypticon.

01:31 – Justin introduces special guest host Derek, Derek reflects on the first time he visited the podcast, and Justin gives a shout-out to Cosmic Bottles. Brogan jumps into the conversation, explains what Monkeyshines in Tacoma is, and Justin explains that this year's theme for Monkeyshines will be celebrating the year of the rabbit. Brogan talks about finding one years ago, Justin and Scott talk about finding rocks similar to this in Spokane, and Brogan and Justin express the excitement of knowing someone that makes the art. Brogan sets a goal for getting a new tattoo based on a certain amount of Patron funds GCP receives, and they discuss the type of tattoo he should get.

16:57 – Brogan talks about the newest advancements in the Cosmic Bottles kitchen, they debate if you use cold or hot marinara as mozzarella cheese sticks dipping sauce, and the number of 5-star reviews the location has.  Brogan claims the winning spot in the casserole party, Justin talks about their soup plans during the Superbowl, and how Brogan is allergic to Styrofoam.  They review the ingredients of funeral soup, Justin reviews different types of dessert soup, and they plan to return to Crypticon again this year.    

34:01 – They jump into Jeff's Capades, Jeff speaks of a recent Brinks/ADT scam happening in the area, and Justin talks about the recent business break-ins in the PNW. He shares how Tacoma has a grant available for people impacted by theft, he and Brogan practice their best Sean Connery impressions, and Justin recommends viewing the show White Lotus. He explains why he enjoyed the show's second season, Brogan talks about snorting dish soap from his cpap machine, and sends congrats to a GCP listener that is getting married.

48:49 – Justin kicks off 'Is It Tacoma', introduces the contestants, and reveals the game's rules. He reads each of the fantastic three stories, each of the contestants guesses which article is the lucky one from Tacoma, and Justin reveals which one is the winner. They make party room plans for Crypticon, Justin shares where the other articles are from, and Jeff talks about the GCP guarantee. Brogan confirms they have a room on the 13th floor for recording, Justin talks about plans to plunge for Lunar New Year, and how long he plans to stay in the water this time.

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