Episode 261

GCP: Hot Mess with Amani Taylor


February 1st, 2023

1 hr 34 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

Friend of the podcast and local comedian Amani Taylor catches up with the guys! Amani hosts weekly comedy shows at The Local 907 and Trencher's. He has also joined the podcast four other times, links to his previous visits are below!

00:16 – They kick off this episode discovering that they’re all masters of improv Justin talks about the last time they had Amani on, and Armani discusses how much he loved the break that came with Covid. They talk about the laps around their house that developed while working from home, Amani discusses the return of live audiences post Covid, and keeping the comedy show at Tony V’s rolling after a power outage.

23:26 – Amani talks about the comeback of live comedy shows, Justin talks about the number of guys post covid that had long hair, and Amani reflects on the marathons he’s run in the past. He talks about the fantastic places he ran through during the Tacoma marathon, Justin talks about doing the Boot To Boot, and reflects on his first date with his wife.

48:02 – They talk about the powers behind using DNA to solve crimes, Amani shares his love of movies, their importance on him growing up, and the Oscar-nominated films he’s watched this year. He talks about falling in love with the movie Everything, Everywhere, All At Once the second time he saw it, why he loves films, and Jeff expresses his love of Dan Ackroyd.

67:58 – Justin names his top five movies, he and Amani talk about how Pulp Fiction changed cinema, and Amani talks about Quinton Tarantino’s foot fetish. They dive into the hot sauce challenge, Amani names off his top movies, and Justin reads off info on the first hot sauce they’re trying. Each person gives their review of it, Justin talks about his recent visit to Grand Cinema Theater and watching The Wale, and Amani talks about his love of the Seattle International Film Festival.

Thanks, Amani, for catching up; looking forward to checking in with you again soon!

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