Episode 263

GCP: Friday Night Sports


February 15th, 2023

1 hr 26 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

On this Friday Night Episode, they welcome Erik, chat about recent UFO’s, sports events going on in the community, other events happening soon, and ChatGPT.

00:00 – Derek shares the top image that comes up when searching for Grit City Podcast, Justin introduces Erik, and the different channels they have on Discord. Scott talks about his excitement for his newest channel Scott Topics, they talk about the breaking news of the UFO being shot down in Alaska, and Erik accepts his new GCP title. They talk about potential fall sports for them to embark on, Justin expresses his sadness about Brogan not planning to be at the Soup-er Bowl Party, and the different events he does. Jeff kicks off Jeff’s Capades, finding the emergence of suds from his dishwasher, and what it took to fix it.

20:37 – They make suggestions on what Justin should get for his first tattoo, he talks about possibly getting a GCP-specific tatt, and getting his eyebrow pierced. Jeff and Scott reflect on getting their ear pierced, Scott talks about how MMA fighters drain their ears to help reduce cauliflower ears post-injury, and Justin dives into Grit City Sports. Erik shares who the Tacoma Galaxy is, where to watch them, and explains that the Tacoma Defiance team is now part of the MLS Next Pro league.

41:24 – Erik shares who West Side Mountain Bike Series owners are handing it off to, Justin talks about his love of soccer, and Derek talks about the Mario Day event on March 10th. He talks about the show at Real Art Tacoma on March 10th, the artists that will be at the Mar-10 Party, and they plan to pre and post-funk shenanigans around the show. Scott talks about watching Pennywise at the venue, they give listeners a taste of one of the artists that will be at the event, and Derek shares where the artist can be found online.

64:57 – Justin announces the official fruit of the podcast, jumps into Scott Topics, and Scott explains what the ChatGPT is. He talks about what he’s been doing recently with it, other popular things people are doing with the tool, and they discuss the pros and cons of this type of instrument. Jeff expresses his feelings about digital art, Scott talks about using ChatGPT for GCP advertisements, and Justin declares Scott as the official GCP marketing agent. Justin closes out the show by sharing where listeners can find the group online.

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