Episode 264

GCP: Sunday Sermon


February 22nd, 2023

1 hr 11 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

On this Sunday Sermon, they discuss Souper Bowl Party, Scott attending the hockey game, the movie Old, and future live recordings.

00:00 – Jeff kicks off the episode by talking about the most recent documentary he and his wife watched, they announce GCP offering Sunday Sermons, and Justin talks about his recent Souper Bowl party and who they had there. Justin gives an honorable mention to the soup Scott took to the event, Derek shares the soup he and his wife brought, and Justin talks about the type of soup Rusty and Autumn took. Jeff talks about what one of the soups was his favorite, Justin talks about his computer dying, and gives props to his friend that helped him fix it.

17:57 – They discuss if there is potential for the humanoid in Scott Topics article to be real, what people would do if they found them, and Scott talks about the uncontacted tribes in South Africa. Justin talks about what’s cool about The Climate Pledge Arena, the great food, and the incredible Just Walk Out store there. He shares an interesting piece of science behind Curling, makes plans for Erik to teach them how to play the official sport of Washington, pickleball, and runs through things recently posted on the shout-out channel (links in show notes :D ).

35:30 – Derek gives his review of the banana desert at the Texas de Brazil restaurant in Tacoma, Jeff shares his take on the movie Old by M. Night Shyamalan, and the three things he got out of it. He does a deep dive into what the movie is about, the ethics behind the movie, and ponders on if people younger than 50 got the same mortality vibe from the film as he did.

55:11 – Justin talks about who they will be interviewing next Sunday at The Union Club, the presidential bathtub there, and they ponder the possibility of TubTalk for the show. He talks about President Taft’s love for baths, shares how many presidents came to Tacoma in the past, and Jeff talks about seeing a president when working for a startup company in Pasco, Washington. Scott talks about his experience seeing a presidential candidate in Nevada and Justin wraps up this Sunday's Sermon giving listeners info on where they can find GCP online.

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