Episode 262

GCP: DC253 - Tacoma's DEF CON Group Returns!


February 8th, 2023

1 hr 16 mins 18 secs

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This time Cody and Michaela from DC253 sit down to give an update since Cody was last on! DC253 is Tacoma's area DEF CON Group. DC253 is a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology, referred to properly as hacking. They meet the last Friday of the month at Devils Reef. Cody is also involved with the Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion, and they are also part of a new 501-(c)(3), Port 22: South Sound Hackers.

00:00 – The episode kicks off with Justin considering throwing Is It Tacoma into the conversation, welcomes back Cody to the podcast, and Justin talks about how he discovered the DC253 group. Justin reflects on getting a Gin 101, Cody explains what happens at the hacker meetings, and Michaela talks about how she found a missing child during the DEF CON Trace Labs event that had been missing for six months.

19:01 – Michaela explains how she likes to keep her electronic footprint very minimal, Cody gives security recommendations for people selling their houses, and they talk about the types of cold calling/visit sales that come after buying a new home. They talk about social media recently assisting in finding the guy that tried to kidnap a barista, and Cody discusses another story of how police found a suspect by googling a phrase in their shirt.

36:30 – Cody talks about an event where a bullet went through their window, the interrogation bus that deployed the bomb robot, and another barricade they heard go down. Cody explains how the Tacoma Fire Buff Battalion he volunteers for supports the firefighters and victims of events that happen in the community, doing anything they can to help, including ensuring dogs have water, and how long the group has been around.

53:18 – Justin jumps into Is It Tacoma, introduces the contestants, and reads each of the articles. The crew guesses which one they think is from Tacoma, Justin announces the win around the table, and they talk about how easy it is to steal a Hyundai. Justin shares where the other articles are from and ] feeding goats in the Tacoma area.

Thanks Cody and Michaela, for joining the conversation; looking forward to the next time you stop in!

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