Episode 282

GCP: Hangout - Crypticon and Bachelor Parties


June 28th, 2023

58 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

This is another full house episode that has discussions on visiting Crypticon, the bachelor party in Portland, and the haps in local sports.

00:17 – Justin kicks off this podcast coaching the Streetbeefs Scrapyard crew while they listen live, talks about how businesses are going card payment only, and the three local businesses owned by the Peterson brothers. He gives a shout-out to live listeners, explains where the Crypticon convention is hosted, and the different types of small businesses at the event.

14:09 – The group talks about the different themed parties at the convention, how Crypticon organizes their parties, and encourages listeners to troll Brogan about his trash pants. Scott talks about enjoying the con, the scary clowns that were there, and Justin shares what he appreciated about it. Derek talks about the crossover of people at various conventions and Justin talks about them discussing attending other conventions to spread the word of GCP.

26:54 – Justin talks about skeet shooting to kick off the bachelor party in Portland, the shady taco truck they hit up, and visiting the biker bar. He talks about it being Fleet Week while they were there, the first strip club they visited, and tapping out at the end of the night. He talks about the leaking pipe at the club, the delicious food at The Brickhouse in Vancouver, and gives a shout-out to the Ruka Family Restaurant in Tacoma.

44:50 – Erik talks about the people he talked to on his past sports episode, shares that Tacoma Stars Reserve team is a champion team for 2022-23 season, and where listeners can get additional information on local sports. Justin talks about sponsoring Erik in sporting events, Erik talks about when Stadium Unleashed is happening this year, and what it’s like to be a championship runner.

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