Episode 283

GCP: Friday Night Hangout - Video Games and Wheel of Fortune


July 5th, 2023

1 hr 30 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

This time the guys discuss gaming, Boot To Boot, shopping with their wives, Hot-Takes, Wheel of Fortune changes, Italy eruption, and Is It Tacoma.

00:29 – Justin kicks off the podcast expressing his love of sausage, they talk about their studio video options, and how they prepped for the show. Justin thanks Derek for providing Absinthe for his bar, they talk about the Tacoma fireworks, and Justin talks about the gaming channels on Discord. Justin and Derek talk about enjoying playing Diablo IV, if they play in hardcore mode, and Scott talks about the stories of people getting disconnected after reaching a certain level in the game.

22:10 – The group reflects on the Boot 2 Boot four years ago, dive into Jeff's Capades, and Jeff talks about the nice lady from New Jersey he met on his cruise. Justin talks about shopping adventures with his wife, shares the alcohol party pack he bought at Walmart, and the flavors that came in the package. He reflects on a not-so-fun run with 99 Bananas, the drinks it’s best in, and the people it’s best suited for.

43:15 – Justin reveals the horrible news of Pat Sajak retiring from Wheel of Fortune, they talk about his replacement, and Justin talks about how he feels about it. They discuss who else they think would make a great host, Scott jumps into Scott Topics, and talks about the Italy volcano eruption that moved to the yellow warning.

61:45 – The guys talk about the earliest movies they remember watching in the theaters, Jeff reflects on seeing movies in the drive-in, and Justin talks about where he watched drive-in movies at back in the day. He jumps into Is It Tacoma, introduces the contestants, and reads off the three articles. Each of the guys guesses what article they think is from Tacoma, Justin reveals the winner, and shares where each of the other articles were from.

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