Episode 290

GCP: Duchess Of Downtown - Bringing Back The Weekly Volcano


August 23rd, 2023

1 hr 14 secs

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Angela Jossy, the Duchess of Downtown Tacoma, and her friend Voxxy join the guys on this episode. Angela is the new owner of the local Tacoma newspaper Weekly Volcano. They plan to release the first paper this coming October.

00:16 – Justin reflects on the recent golfing trip, Angela talks about her return to organizing Art on the Ave this year, and how special this year was for the event. Scott shares his love of watching bar comedy, Justin talks about GCP being the guy's garage band, and Angela talks about her book project. Justin shares the history of the Union Club, how amazing Wright Park is now, and Angela explains what got her started as the Duchess of Downtown.

16:08 – Justin talks about the hidden treasures of Tacoma, Voxxy talks about reviving the Volcano, and Scott expresses his love of The Porch Fest. Angela talks about her evolution with the paper, plans to bring back the art bus, and getting started with the paper. She talks about her journey post her job there, what lead to her buying the paper, and the low number of females that own papers.

30:25 – Voxxy talks about helping Angela make the decision to buy the paper, Angela talks about when the first print will be released, and Justin expresses his love of Tacoma. Angela talks about retrieving newspaper digital archives, plans to turn them over to the library, and the summer camp she’s having for businesses.

46:01 – Voxxy shares that she’ll be playing at the Spanish Ballroom, they talk about other great venues in the area, and Angela talks about the magic behind soundwaves. They talk about the amazing scenes that were lost due to Covid, Justin talks about the new places on 6th Ave, and Angela shares how people that are interested can help out.

Thanks Angela and Voxxy for joining the crew to share the exciting news about the return of the Weekly Volcano!

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