Episode 296

GCP: Hangout - The Grit City Mascot?


October 4th, 2023

46 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

This time the guys hangout at the Union Club and talk public transportation, the Grit City Comic Show, and Tacoma’s new unofficial mascot.

00:05 – Jeff starts off this episode searching for the sweet spot, they share that each of them has had a strange week, and Scotts talks about Seattle still allowing To Go Drinks. He questions the difference between Iced Tea and Red Bull and Vodka, Justin talks about going to the Seahawk's first game of the season, and taking the train into the game.

11:54 – Jeff talks about the military solute at the funeral, they talk about family listeners, and Justin expresses his hate of the Comic Sans font. Jeff talks about his grandson's love of cooking, the amazing impressions his youngest grandson makes, and Justin talks about them being at the Grit City Comic show. He reveals amazing news for the event, the overtime Jeff has put in on making GCP merch for the show, and Derek talks about the scams on Kickstarter.

24:51 – Justin talks about the cool happenings at the Grit City Comic Show, the close-knit comic book industry, and talks about the birthday party celebration for Voxxy. He talks about sharing his love of Dungeons and Dragons with others and the fun names of the Dockyard Derby Dames.

34:48 – Justin talks about the unofficial official mascot of Tacoma, the big point of contention of the matter, and what makes it the mascot. Scott talks about owls hunting cats, Justin plans to have Suzanne back on the show, and they discuss the most recent otter attack in Florida.

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