Episode 301

GCP: Sunday Sermon


November 1st, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, the crew chats about the upcoming Grit City Comic Show, Oculus and gaming, Chicago-style pizza, hot Tacoma news, and new bonus material.

01:06 – Justin wishes Derek and his wife a happy anniversary, shares upcoming New Years plans, and discusses the reboot of the group Oculus get-together. Justin announces the new bonus Patreon podcast, confirms plans for the Grit City Comic Show after party at the Camp Bar, and the Saturday Night shenanigans.

15:51 – Justin shares what song his wife chose for karaoke at the party, the crazy traffic in Tacoma the same night, and Scott talks about the Roller Derby GCP date. He gives a shot out to Erik’s dad, they talk about the different women’s sports in the area, and Justin shares what listeners can find on Discord. Jeffs talks about his new Oculus, the problem that he’s found with it, and the impact one dead pixel can have on the experience.

31:38 – Jeff explains the various things you can do in the VR world, Justin expresses the need for cross-platform experiences in VR, and updates in the GCP meta world. Jeff talks about the big blockers with the VR environment, Justin talks about needing the full submersion experience, and gives a shout-out to Green PC.

47:12 – Justin recommends listeners try Chicago Style Pizza, where people can find Chi Town Pizza, and places in the area he’s lived. He talks about the recent Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge news, the impact the closure of it will have on traffic, and closes out this episode talking about bonus material for live listeners and Patrons.

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