Episode 305

GCP: Grit City Comic Show


November 15th, 2023

1 hr 19 mins 41 secs

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About this Episode

On this special episode, the guys discuss their time at the Grit City Comic Show, recap interviews they were able to catch at the convention that included local author C.M. Kane, local artist Justin Hunt, and Keith from Die Cut Stickers.

01:04 - Justin welcomes listeners to the episode, Scott expresses the great time they had at the convention, and how much the event grew from last year. They talk about their newfound love of freeze-dried candy, how they ended up connecting with the owner, and their favorites of the candy. Justin gives a shout-out to the Patrons who stopped by, author C.M. Kane talks about the type of novels she writes, and talks about the type of fiction she writes.

19:03 – C.M. talks about her love of baseball, the types of characters in her books, and how her stories evolve. Justin Hunt talks about his newest creation, how listeners can support his Kickstarter, and the historical content throughout the book. He talks about what he also has coming up, the backstory of the name, and the creation story behind the demon character.

39:40 – Justin H talks about him and his wife being super interactive with their backers, Justin expresses his love of Kickstarter, and what they love about the Grit City Comic Show. He recommends other local comic shows people should check out, the merch they had for sale, and they chat with Keith from Die Cut Stickers. Keith explains how heat can change the nature of the sticker surface and his transition into social media.

60:17 – Scott talks about what he loves about conventions, Keith talks about the haps at Die Cut Stickers, and they talk about places outside of the US they’d love to visit. The guys share places around the world where GCP stickers have been posted, Keith talks about places they test out the product, and invites the crew to stop by and check out their setup.

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