Episode 306

GCP: Grit City Comic Show - Part 2


November 22nd, 2023

1 hr 48 mins

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About this Episode

This episode is a continuation of their visit to the Grit City Comic Convention. They get a chance to talk to the guys from SOS Wrestling, Ken Carlson, friend of the podcast and creator of Hellbound Slant 6, and they go deep in the nerd talk with another friend of the podcast Rusty the Comedian.

01:38 – Justin shares where listeners can get the haps of local sports in Discord, talks about Brogans Drunksgiving celebration, and Scott talks about his recent attendance at the Tacoma Stars soccer match. Justin talks about the Supernatural car at the convention, Jeff talks about the creative cloud at the event, and Justin reflects on watching wrestling at the Tacoma Dome.

27:06 – Justin shares where listeners can find out more information about SOS Wrestling, the upcoming wrestling event, and Derek talks about the change-up of the wrestling character of Stone Cold Steve Austin after his injury. Ken breaks down the baseline of his comic book series Hellbound Slant 6, proposes a live table read on the podcast, and they discuss if they love an egg on a burger or not.

54:26 – The crew gives their review of breakfast pizza, Justin talks about the latest pizza of the month at Puget Sound Pizza, and Scott points out Doc from Z Nation at the event. Ken explains his first interaction with Godzilla, Justin shares his favorite part of Power Rangers, and Ken talks about where people can find them online.

78:05 – Justin kicks off the comic superhero version of Is It Tacoma, Rusty reflects on the last time he’s performed comedy onstage, and Justin talks about GCP’s continuum of their questing in the VR world. Rusty talks about doing comedy on Zoom, Derek explains the bonus content they offer to Patrons, and they close out by giving a shout-out to the Grit City Comic show.

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