Episode 324

GCP: Side Piece Kitchen


February 28th, 2024

1 hr 17 mins 47 secs

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It’s finally happening!! Owners Hailey Hernandez, Dante Hernandez, and Sous Chef Ivan Carillo from Side Piece Kitchen sit down with the guys to talk food, how the place came to be, future plans, and much more!! Side Piece Kitchen specializes in Bangin’ Biscuits & Dank AF Cheesecake. They’re located in Tacoma at 4704 S Oakes Street and are open Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm and Friday through Sunday from 8 am until they sell out!

01:27 – Justin expresses his excitement to be sitting down with the Side Piece Kitchen crew, Hailey gives the back story on the restaurant, and Justin shares his love of their pickle cheesecake. Hailey talks about the intention of the business, the decision to leave her job, and where the concept came from. Dante talks about the decision to make it a brick-and-mortar, Hailey talks about her love of the area, and the amount of money they got from Kickstarter.

18:43 – Hailey reveals their March of Madness plans that are in collaboration with other Tacoma businesses, their grassroots advertisement, and Ivan talks about how he got involved with Side Piece. Hailey gives a shout-out to the chef who was her mentor when she was getting started in the industry, Ivan shares his love of the inspiration he gets from others he works with, and Justin drops Coaster Questions.

37:13 – Ivan talks about the next restaurant knock-offs that are in the works, Hailey talks about the Frisco Freeze collab that’s happening in March, and they reveal their verdict on the GFuel Pickles. Hailey talks about the genres of food that are missing in Tacoma, they talk about the late-night food options that are missing in the area, and Hailey shares the thought process on the design of the inside of the restaurant.

58:06 – The group wishes Hailey’s mom a Happy Birthday, Justin gives tips to people on how to ensure they get biscuits when visiting Side Piece, and Hailey encourages people to not show up at any businesses 15 minutes before it closes. She expresses how much they care about providing customers with high-quality products and ensuring customers have a wonderful experience during their visit.

Thank you all for joining the crew, we look forward to checking in with you again soon!

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