Episode 325

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Board Games, Trivia, and Putt Stuff


March 6th, 2024

1 hr 12 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

On this Sunday Sermon, the guys get together to talk about how they survive the commute, the Tacoma Trivia Game, Is It Tacoma, and upcoming plans.

01:53 – The guys share what they’ve been up to so far the day of recording, Derek talks about what’s been up on the GCP Discord, and trophy plans for this year's Putt Stuff. Jeff proposes a new business idea to help protect commuters, Justin reflects on early morning commuter traffic, and Jeff shares what helped ease his while driving to and from work.

18:46 – Justin talks about shifting away from new metal to curb his rage, spring cleaning, and reveals that people can bring their own additional items to smash at the Rage Room at Brainy Acts. He talks about the amazing Call to Haul service offered by the City of Tacoma, Derek talks about digging into the Tacoma Trivia game, and how the game was funded.

35:50 – Derek talks about the company that made the game, Jeff dives into the conspiracy behind why there were so many games based on cities in the PNW, and Derek tests the crew's Tacoma knowledge. Justin encourages board gamers to check the local Goodwill’s soon for donated games, he kicks off Is It Tacoma, and each of the guys guess which article is from Tacoma.

52:25 – Justin reveals which article was based in Tacoma, where the other articles were from, and Justin gives a shout-out to the amazing guests from Side Piece Kitchen. He expresses his excitement for what Side Piece Kitchen has going on in March, Jeff talks about the upcoming guests at the Crypticon convention, and they close out giving props to the crew that’s tuning into the show live.

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