Episode 330

GCP: Tacoma Handywoman


April 3rd, 2024

1 hr 28 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

Michelle and David from Tacoma Handywoman join the crew on this episode. Michelle, Tacoma’s local “Jill” of all trades has over 5 years experience as a handywoman. She dedicates herself to serving the community by offering knowledgeable, affordable, and high-quality services. Check out the website for information on the services they offer and conveniently book an appointment online!

00:00 – Justin starts the episode reflecting on their flat earther podcast, Michelle talks about what got her started as a handywoman, and speaks to how essential it is for people to update their home electrical wiring. David talks about what drew him into doing handy work, Justin talks about the McDonalds Monopoly Scandal, and the hard work behind the physical trades.

22:27 – Michelle talks about when she got her business license, starting out with grassroots advertising, and how much money it saved her. Justin shares his drill bit experience, his upcoming home project, and Derek expresses the importance of home fix-it work being done correctly. Justin dives into coaster questions and Michelle recommends what handy home tools people should get in their first apartment.

41:12 – Michelle talks about the craziest hack she’s ever run into, reflects on a recent electric switch repair, and the amount of DIYs she’s run into. Scott talks about how Pythian Temple originally had gas lighting, Michelle shares the types of jobs she enjoys doing over others, and the number one mistakes people make when hanging things.

66:22 – Michelle talks about other odd jobs she takes on, driving stick in Seattle, and some basic tips people should consider before embarking on home repairs. David encourages people to try things on their own but know their limits and be prepared to call a professional.
Michelle talks about enjoying teaching customers how to do the work themselves and the importance of having a no-contact tester.

Thanks, Michelle and David for the great conversation, we look forward to having you back on soon!

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