Episode 38

Joseph Malik Returns!


October 22nd, 2018

1 hr 10 mins 21 secs

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This time the guys are rejoined by local author, Joseph Malik. His first book, Dragon's Trail, was released in September of 2016, and is a #1 international bestseller. His second book, New Magic is the second installment in the Outworlders series, recently released and receiving reviews online that include: "The New Magic is epic portal fantasy at its finest; brutal, hilarious, and with a cutting wit that's practically unmatched in recent fantasy showings." and "Ruthless and yet relentlessly hopeful." The guys first met him at Norwescon 40 and were excited to sit down with him and catch up from the last time they talked.

1:59 – Justin gives his review of the SPICE show, a local benefit event to raise funds for the TUPAC foundation. He gives props to Denetta and Carol, creators of the event, how users can donation to the foundation and events they have coming up. Jeff talks about his dinner after the show at the Harmon Taproom, the guys welcome comedian Amani back, this time as a guest co-host of the show, and they discuss Amani’s love of UFC.

14:50 – Amani gives his review of the most recent UFC fight, Tony’s return to fighting after his 6 month hiatus due to injury, the heavy weight fight, and the brawl that happened post Khabib and Conor fight. They discuss various crowd fights in other sports that have broken out over the years, a return of Joseph Malik for a catch up, Amani fills Joseph in on how he’s involved with GCP and where people can find him in the area.

30:57 – Joseph talks about what’s been going on with his book since he joined them last time, the benefits of independent publishing, and what type of creative process he uses when writing. Joseph talks about learning how to do what most of the characters in the book do in order to write a better book, being a part of a panel at Norwescon discussing celestial navigation, different types of readers that have reached out to him after reading his book, and how he handles negative reviews.

43:18 – Joseph talks about setting out to write a fantasy action thriller hinged on technical details, how his research led to the stories, his recent trip to Ice Land and Sweden, and the deals you can get to fly to Ice Land from Ice Land air. He talks about touring a tower in Belgium, his second book, The New Magic, how it relates to Dragon Tale, and what in his books he has pulled from history.

56:48 – Amani asks Joseph about how he picks the endings of his books, Amani read a section from one of them, and they discuss Wrath of the Khans covered on an episode of Dan Carlin’s, Hardcore History. Joseph tells the guys where people can find his books, him and Scott talk about growing up in Elko, Nevada, the mining boom there in the 80’s, and the recent fire at Lamoille Canyon.

Thanks Joseph for joining the guys again to catch up and filling them in on your latest book!

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