Episode 56

GCP Bonus: Archway Consulting Group


February 20th, 2019

16 mins 52 secs

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On this GCP bonus episode, the guys talk with Christina Blocker, Keith Blocker and Dr. Cindy Caldwell from Archway Consulting Group, a full service strategy consulting firm rooted in principles of equity and inclusion. The team is highly recognized for their ability to address the unique needs of their clientele while providing strategic support. Whether you're running for political office, a small business owner, or an organization, they bring extensive experience and professionalism to each client and customize their support to your individual needs and concerns.

0:57 – Justin gives introduces, Christina explains how Archway Consulting was created with her business partner Dorian Waller, Keith becoming Tacoma city councilman of District 3 in 2015, and when her and Dorian realized the need for political consultants for people of color when Keith ran. She talks of how the political landscape has changed over the years, how people are taking their statement past the protest and running for office, and the different candidates in the community they’ve helped get elected.

4:46 – Christina talks about the expansion of Archway Consulting that brought Keith and Dr. Caldwell on board and Justin explains how he sees diversity, equity, and inclusion as a complete life style change. Dr. Caldwell highlights the importance of understanding that our nation was setup for white men and that we’re just now starting to dismantle that, Justin talks about how they ran into Christina, Keith, and Dr. Caldwell, and Christina talks about how they came across Union Club.

10:05 – Christina explains what Tacoma Creates offers the community, Scott shares that the Museum of Glass has a nightly live stream of glassblowing, and Justin gives props to Art on the Ave. He also talks about the new community center in Tacoma that has recording studios which help kids build on their creativity and Scott talks about Real Arts all ages venue. Christina shares how people can get ahold of them, gives information on their upcoming monthly event ‘How To Recruit and Retain Diverse Talent’ (happening this month on the 27th), and their ‘Let’s Talk’ series they hold at the Evergreen Tacoma Campus.

Thanks Christina, Keith and Dr. Caldwell for the interesting and informative impromptu conversation with GCP!

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