Episode 57

Grit City Magazine


February 25th, 2019

1 hr 1 min 37 secs

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On this episode the GCP guys talk to Sara Kay and Sierra Hartman from Grit City Magazine, a local Tacoma Magazine founded in 2017. The magazine explores the places that define Tacoma, pays homage to the history that built it, and celebrates the people who make it what it is today. Their first print edition went out September 2018. The print magazine is produced quarterly, in addition they regularly publish Tacoma stories on their website. Those interested in finding out more, how they can contribute, and how to get their hands on a copy can do so by visiting their website: gritcitymag.com.

2:08 – Justin gives props to Castle Security and Protection, one of the businesses that supports GCP’s Patreon, Sierra explains how long Grit City Mag has been in business, Scott talks about how they came up with the GCP name, and Sierra shares where the idea for the magazine came from. Justin talks about when he joined the GCP team, they talk about the rich history of Tacoma, and the long history of people moving to the area.

15:02 – Sierra expresses his curiosity of how the revamp of the Clock Tower part of Tacoma’s City Hall will turn out, how they ended up getting to tour City Hall, and they discuss the ghost sightings there. Sara and Sierra share how they get their connections for stories in Tacoma, Justin talks about how the Radio Tacoma people were able to get the station up with help from people they knew, and they cover the recent vandalism of a bakery and home in Tacoma.

29:31 – Sierra tells the guys the story behind putting together their first print of the magazine, the struggle of figuring out the magic behind the magazines binding, and how they came to the decision of printing 253 for the first print. Scott brings up the Beautiful Angle Project, Sierra explains how Lance and Tom got the project started, and Justin turns the conversation to Snowmageddon Tacoma and the massive amounts of people out shopping before the snow hit.

43:38 – Sierra shares how people can contribute to the magazine, the effort they put forth in determining the types of stories they print, and Sara shares advice for people that are starting a business. Sara talks about their visit to the roof of the Tacoma Dome, Sierra’s hope to go up in a crane, 270 feet in the air, to take photos for the magazine, and Scott brings up the beautiful pictures Over Tacoma puts out. Sara shares how people can get a magazine subscription, how people can find them online, and their plan to launch a Tacoma calendar where people can see what’s going on in the area.

Many thanks to Sara and Sierra for joining GCP for a great conversation and look into Grit City Magazine.

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