Episode 75

Jet City Comic Show


July 1st, 2019

51 mins 45 secs

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This time the guys talk to James Taylor, a Co-Promoter of the Jet City Comic Show that was founded in 2009. The goal of the con is to provide an affordable experience for fans and families in addition to promoting the comic book industry and expanding the awareness of comic books and their creators. Above all though, the thing that is most important to them is for everyone to have a fun and enjoyable experience! This year the convention is happening on October 26th. Through August 31st, people can get early bird pricing: Sunday Pass at $10.00, Saturday Pass at $15.00, and a Two Day Pass for $20.00 Those wanting more information can find them online at: http://www.jetcitycomicshow.com/.

2:34 – Justin explains what their Boot To Boot event is, gives props to the Camp Bar in Tacoma, and James Taylor tells the guys about the Jet City Comic show happening in October. He explains where the idea for the convention came from, Justin talks about Emerald City Comic con being bought out by ReedPOP, and their intent to keep the JCCS convention local. They discuss the benefits of doing so, how people can get more information on the convention, and James gives his review of having the convention at the Tacoma Convention Center.

12:45 – James talks about making the decision to move the convention from Seattle to Tacoma, Justin brings up the budding nerd culture Tacoma has had, and James gives his thoughts on conventions happening on a weekly basis around the country. They talk about the rising cost of living in Seattle, James shares the cost to attend the JCCS, and he talks about the Drink and Draw that happens Friday the before the show starts.

27:40 – James discusses the different panels that they have at the convention, the shows that resounded with him when he was younger, and Justin shares his past love for the 90’s show Kindred: The Embraced. Brogan talks about his disappointment in the Discovery Channel, including the show Cooper’s Treasure, and if he would rather watch that show or National Treasure. He recommends the guys watch Kon-Tiki, they share their love of the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf, and Justin brings up the epic shows and movies that have ended this year.

41:14 – Justin talks about the Disney+ being the Netflix killer, he talks about how comic books help people improve their reading skills, and James talks about what comic books he feels would be good for kids getting started in reading them. Brogan brings up the show ‘Bully Beatdown’, him making up with his childhood bully, and James shares how people can find out more information on Jet City Comic Show.

Thanks James for a great conversation and information on Jet City Comic show!

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