Episode 76

Boot To Boot - The Ride!


July 7th, 2019

50 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

This episode the guys are recording during their Boot to Boot event that happened June 29th, 2019.

1:50 - Justin kicks off the inaugural of the Boot to Boot event at their starting point, The Flying Boots and Wings of Tacoma, he shares where the bar is located, and they talk about where the original Wizards Keep was in Tacoma. Each of the guys share what they’re drinking, Justin gives props to Rusty’s bar The Church Cantina, and Brogan talks about the upcoming ‘Steak Off’. They talk about drinking from the boot at their last stop and Justin shares history behind The Flying Boots.

12:01 – Bill Baker shares his recent golfing success story, his contact information for those wanting to sell their home, and he a store about a crazy experience from when he was 10 years old. Justin gives information on The Camp Bar, Michelle talks about the lady they passed on their ride, and Derek from Sometimes Geek talks about the new show he’s working on. He shares where people can find him online and they talk with the guys from the podcast ‘Chasing Ghosts On Scooters In Bars’.

27:48 – Rusty and Brogan talk about their ride from The Camp Bar to The Harmon Hub, Justin talks about his scooter running out of battery live half way there, and they talk about the homeless man they saw along the way. They give the address and props to The Hub, the guys do the breathalyzer test, and Scott talks about the stunts he did on the way to the Rhein Haus.

37:47 – Justin talks about winning meat at the Rhein Haus during their meet drawings on Monday nights, each of the guys discuss what they got in their boots, and Brogan shares the cost of all three. He gives info on where his business is located, they do a toast, and Brogan talks about his beer exploding in his eye. Justin announces that Brogan won the boot, Suzanne from Point Defiance Zoo joins them to share what’s going on at the zoo, and talks about the upcoming Drinking For Conservation event.

Thanks to everyone that came out! Special Thank You! to The Camp Bar for supporting the event.
We had a great time!
We'll see you all next time!

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