Episode 74

GCP Hangout - Flat Earth Follow Up, B2B


June 24th, 2019

38 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode the guys sit down after their recording of the Flat Earth episode to give their review and also talk about their upcoming event Boot To Boot happening on June 29th.

1:40 – Justin shares where listeners can find them online, Brogan describes the flat earth disc coin that Mark Sargent shared with them on their pervious episode on Flat Earth, and Justin gives Brogan props for his coaster questions. Brogan gives a breakdown of the Flat Earth episode, they discuss the Anton Szandor LaVey movement from the 60’s, and Justin requests that users give their feedback on that episode.

10:33 – They chat about studies that show everyone believes in something weird, Jeff talks about the weird things that happened during the recording, and Brogan talks about checking out the Seventy 48 event in Tacoma. He shares meeting a racer from Fat Tug team that was participating in the event from Canada and Justin talks about the Lighted Boat Parade on Foss happening in December.

20:33 – Justin dives into their upcoming Boot To Boot event happening on June 29th, Scott gives props to the Camp Bar, and Brogan offers to buy drinks for anyone who wears a tux to the event. Justin shares a Reddit post reviewing Lime Scooters, Scott gives a breakdown on the pricing of the scooters, and the length of time it took to complete the practice ride.

31:43 – Brogan reviews his electric bike, Justin talks about seeing two people riding on a Lime Scooter together, and recommends those attending the event to bring a helmet. He gives props again to their Big Foot and Flat Earth episodes, they setup a plan for a backpack drive at the event, and how people can help them out by becoming Patreon subscribers.

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