Episode 78

Jeremey Tate


July 29th, 2019

1 hr 3 secs

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This time the group talks with Jeremey Tate, host of the Grown Men Watch This S* * *? podcast. He also manages the hilarious @jaimsVanDerBeek Twitter account. This week they are also joined by guest host, Michelle!

2:06 – Justin gives users information on how they can find GCP online, they talk about the heat in Tacoma, and catchup with Scott on him breaking his knee during their pub crawl in June. Justin talks about Brogan getting a beer facial while drinking from the boot, his battery running out on his Lime scooter a couple blocks from his house, and Jeremey brings up cities that worry about bringing Lime scooters to the town because of the injuries caused by them.

13:53 – Topic goes to the explosion of Indie wresting in the PNW, Jeremey gives props to 321 Battle, and gives a shout out to his lady. He talks about the wresting company Without a Cause, Justin talks about wresting that happens at the Temple Theater, and Jeremey talks about the huge crowd involvement at the event. Conversation then goes to Jeremey’s Twitter parody account, what was the trigger to the popularity of it, and his most recent event that blew up on Twitter. Jeremey talks about doing t-shirt designs for wrestlers, how daunting it is to learn Photo Shop, and his most surreal experience so far.

27:35 – Justin presents Scott with a Gerber tool to replace the one he lost, his plan to replace Brogans backpack, and they talk about past teachers in middle and high school. Jeremey talks about the different schools he went to in the area, what it was like growing up in Puyallup, and painting faces at the Puyallup Fair. Michelle talks about her first shopping experience in Tacoma after moving to the area, Jeremey mentions Tacoma’s Number One Fried Rice, and the friendliness of people in Puyallup.

41:39 – Jeremey talks about the Witch, Please Market at Jazzbones, watching wrestling at Jazzbones, and other places that could host wresting events. Justin talks about Tacoma bringing back First Night, Scott talks about his trip to Paradise at Mount Rainier, and they discuss what would happen if the volcano went off. Michelle talks about hearing the lahar sirens going off, the recent earthquakes that went off in Washington, and if Justin and Michelle have earthquake insurance. Justin talks about his and Michelle’s most recent scooter ride, they each talk about times when they have passed out, and Justin warns scooter rides to be aware of the road hazards in Tacoma.

Thanks to Jeremey for joining the podcast and thanks Michelle for stepping into cohost!

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