Episode 79

Deane Benninghoven - Hypnotist


August 5th, 2019

1 hr 8 mins 20 secs

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This time the guys talk to Deane Benninghoven, certified hypnotist and artist located in Tacoma. Deane uses hypnotherapy to help adults and children overcome limiting and negative behaviors and chronic pain. He’s trained to help clients with weight loss, stress and anxiety, to stop smoking, pain relief, changing behavioral and emotional patterns, and substance abuse. For more information, you can find him online at www.summithypnosisnw.com.

00:02 – Justin presents Scott with his replacement Gerber that he lost during his trip to Alaska, they give a shout out to Die Cut Stickers, and Deane talks about getting into ornamental painting and architectural sculptures. He talks about the thought he puts behind his art, what brought him to the west coast, and when he moved to the PNW. Justin talks about Tacoma’s history in the 80’s and 90’s, Deane talks about finding meaningful work in doing facial prosthetics with his wife, and how they generate the plaster.

17:10 – Deane talks about what got him into hypnosis, the thoughts he and his wife have had on branching outside of the medical field, and explains what a hobo nickel is. He talks about finding inspiration from the materials he’s using for the hobo nickel’s, getting into an accident, and the 10 years it took him to get back into his artwork afterwords. They talk about how easy it is to get dependent on painkillers, how Deane helps others to deal with pain through hypnosis, and how he got into it.

31:25 – Deane talks about the control he had when starting to use self-hypnosis, the great feeling it was to be able to do Yoga and hold his child, and what put him on the path to get hypnosis certified. He explains how he gets his clients into the state of hypnosis, using hypnosis to help a patient to stop grinding his teeth, and Scott talks about white line therapy.

45:47 – Justin switches the conversation to Coaster Questions, Deane talks on if he thinks hypnotism in the entertainment business is real, and how hypnosis affects the brain. He talks on what he loves about hypnosis, Justin talks about his favorite teacher that introuced him to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Deane talks on how self-hypnosis helps with creating art. He talks on using hypnosis as a life hack, contracting with the Woodland Park Zoo, and how he came across the job.

Many thanks to Deane for the great conversation on art, hypnosis, and getting into the flow space! Thanks also to Michelle for joining the team as a guest host!!

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