Episode 85

Urban Business Support


September 16th, 2019

47 mins 34 secs

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Oliver Scott from Urban Business Support joins the guys for this episode. He is the executive director of the organization, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit that gives businesses in gentrifying communities the resources to adapt, survive, and grow in the changing marketplace emerging around them to retain diversity of business ownership. The company services the Tacoma and Seattle/King County areas and offer training, personal credit counseling, and leadership skills in three flexible formats. Those that would like to get more information can do so by going to: https://www.urbanbizsps.org.

00:03 – The show kicks off with conversation on Hipster Dice, Justin shares how listeners can support the podcast through Patreon, and how Taco Bell is getting rid of their Double Decker Taco. Brogan offers to wear a Taco Bell jump suit if the company sponsors the podcast, Justin introduces Oliver, and Oliver talks about what the Urban Business Support does. He explains what gentrification means, what sparked him to start the non-profit, and the three pronged approach the organization takes with small businesses.

12:05 – Oliver talks on how Hilltop was one of the inspirations for him to start the organization, how the expansion of transportation is used as a metric for his organization to determine what businesses would be impacted by public transit improvement, and how their vision is ‘Development Without Displacement’. Justin talks on the balance that is possible when gentrification happens to communities, Oliver talks on doing this type of work in Oakland, and Justin shares where listeners can find Urban Business Support online.

26:25 – Oliver talks on how they want business owners to be able to work collaboratively to negotiate rent with developers, how the curriculum changed his life, and Brogan talks on the tough lessons he has learned since opening his business. Oliver talks on what sets their business apart from other businesses like his, how he finds locations to hold classes, and the program he started in Guatemala Mexico.

38:08 – He brings up the City of Tacoma’s Economic Development’s Facade Loan Program, the success he has seen with lending to businesses that weren’t able to get traditional bank loans, and his goal to start a micro loan program. He talks about their lifelong commitment to business owners, how this is a labor of love for him, and Justin brings up how easily the things that are happening to businesses in Seattle can happen to those in Tacoma.

Thanks Oliver for the great work you’re doing in the community to help small businesses survive gentrification.

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