Episode 90

Ethan HD


October 21st, 2019

1 hr 10 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Ethan HD rejoins GCP for a second time to catch up on what has been going on since he joined them on one of the GCP Classic Episodes. Ethan HD is a pro wrestler, international pro wrestling coach, stand-up comedian, former rapper and entrepreneur. He performs locally and around the world, follow him on his social media to find out where he will be next! For those wanting to hear his past conversation, head over to Patreon and sign up if you have not already done so!

1:18 – The show kicks off with discussion on if Louisiana is a French Alabama or French Mississippi, Scott talks about running into Ethan at the train station and inviting him to visit the show again, and Ethan gives his record of their meeting. He talks about why he chooses to not do a lot of podcasts, Justin talks about the huge amount of people getting into the podcast game, and Ethan talks about the awkwardness of people yelling at him to grab his attention on the street.

14:28 – Ethan explains why he loves flat earthers, Scott talks about other people’s frustration with them, and expresses his love of Sci-Fi’s show ‘Scare Tactics’. Ethan talks on his hate of Prank Couples, he comments on how he feels all YouTube videos have some bit of falsification behind them, and Scott encourages Ethan to run for president. Justin discusses seeing Dave Chappell’s recent show in Tacoma, Ethan talks on how easy it is to communication with fans now with social media, and Justin comments on the changing tides of technology and how people are dealing with it.

33:25 – Ethan shares what took him to New Zealand, the rise of pro wrestling in the area, and how he enjoys training with his students. He talks about teaching at 321 Battle in Seattle, the top amazing things that he has been able to do as a wrestler and coach, and how he feels about the wrestling fans on the internet. Justin expresses his love of pro wrestling since he was a kid, Ethan talks about the growth of pro wrestling in the PNW, and how that has made it more feasible for outside people to come in and compete.

52:01 – He shares injuries he has gotten while wrestling, where people can find him on social media, and his sponsorship with All In out of Seattle. He talks on how the sponsorship came to be, how long he has lived in Tacoma, and how Tacoma is the New York of Washington. Justin talks about his love of Tacoma, Ethan talks about the need for homeless facilities in the city, and Portland’s The Right to Dream. Justin shares how Tacoma is making progress in helping their homeless, Scott talks on New Mexico’s work to provide the homeless with jobs around the community, and how other states are following suite.

Thanks Ethan for another great conversation!!

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